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Daily Tips Goes On Hiatus

Sometimes to accomplish more, we need to make the tough choice and DO less. We’re putting the blog on hiatus while we bring other content online.

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Can Astrology Predict Your Productivity?

If yesterday’s Productivity tip scared you as being too technologically advanced, you might want to explore this side of the productivity question: can working with the planetary alignment improve your productivity?

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Automated Scheduling Improves Productivity

Make your computer a minion by automating tasks using free scheduler software.

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Create a Writing Schedule that Fits Your Life

Writer and Tips4WIPs coach Joan Leacott shares a strategy for meeting your writing goals without losing track of your personal life.

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Are You a Chronic Non-Finisher?

Do you find it easy to begin new manuscripts, but much harder to finish them? Maybe it’s time you identified and confronted the fear that drives this defense mechanism.

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Google Search Tips

reading glasses

Well, of course, a professional investigator would know the best tips on being efficient in a search, right? Check out over 100 tips from police investigator and author Lee Lofland.

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Does Multitasking Kill Productivity?

Do you spend your day filling every moment with activity, yet look back upon the day as you shut off the light and think, “What exactly did I do today?” You’re not alone. We help you identify the cause and a potential solution to this problem.

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Improve Writing Productivity

Save time in your day or explore ways to jump-start your writing to increase your word count. We share 22 tips via Friesen Press.

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Building Good Habits

It’s fun at the beginning of the year to envision a new behavior. But behavioral change takes work. We offer tips and resources to help you build and reinforce those good habits.

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Planning Improves Creativity

Did you know that checking and structuring your work-flow regularly can help you be more creative? We provide tips and resources to get you started.

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