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Author E.M.S. Mission:

Our goal is to help authors save time, reduce stress and improve focus on the creative work by offering simple structures and systems and developing efficiencies in the areas of basic business, research, promotion, social media and self-publishing.

Restoring humanity & sanity to your virtual life.


Author E.M.S. was born from my genuine desire to resolve what I see as a growing problem: how to prevent the meltdowns authors suffer when changing technology overwhelms them and drags their focus away from writing.

Sound familiar?

There are books out there, but once purchased, the book’s information could become out-of-date within a few weeks. There are blog posts by dozens of experts, but most don’t address authors specifically. There are fellow authors who provide helpful tips and training, but you have to take the time to find them. The simple task of updating a Facebook author page can turn into an all-day affair—one that’s as frustrating as it is time-consuming.

And so, with the help of some amazingly generous people, I started building Author E.M.S. in 2011. It’s been a labor of love and my primary focus for the past few years, but I’m scaling back in 2014 in order to refocus my energy on my fiction writing.

What Is It?

At its heart, Author E.M.S. is designed to be a free resource for all questions relating to the business of being an author.

Author E.M.S. provides author services. We format digital books for the major online retailers, plus print books for CreateSpace.  We specialize in assisting authors who wish to upload books to Apple’s iBookstore.  Check out our Author Services section for a full list of options, client testimonials and more.

Author E.M.S. teaches and hosts classes. We offer online classes on the business of publishing.  Check out our Campus page for the latest offerings.

Author E.M.S. is an online library. Our Resource Library contains general resources about writing organizations, the publishing industry, social media and more. Plus, there are hundreds of tips, tools, links, and how-tos. There are entire classes on WordPress, Creating a Business Plan, Understanding Self-Employment Tax, Formatting Your eBook and more.  We’ve included video tutorials and downloadable books.

Author E.M.S. is human. We’re not just pages of facts and links. We’re people who understand that computers and the Internet are part of an author’s livelihood. We understand the stress and frustration when things don’t work. We’re a small but dedicated team. If you email us, we promise to reply. Meet Our Team.

Start investing in your writing career today by exploring our site. Enjoy!


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