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Personal Recommendations Sell Books

As social networking morphs into social commerce, how can authors best promote their books? Maybe it’s less about marketing and more about human connection.

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Making Your Book Spreadable

Everyone in publishing today discusses the importance of visibility, but for a book to climb in sales, you want word of mouth to spread. Here are some tips to get you started.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your Author Newsletter List

Building an email list can be a great cost-effective way for authors to market their books, but is a bigger list a better list? We share some potential hazards to avoid.

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Book Clubs Featured On Television

A new television show will provide a prime opportunity for authors to hear from readers about how they view books and how they share their love of reading.

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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

Trying to figure out how to make the most of the time you spend on Facebook? Check out this ultimate guide to Facebook Marketing posts.

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Catfish Marketing Campaign

Want a first-hand look at how to pull together a marketing campaign for your book? This month-long blog series is filled with ideas.

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Tips for Blog Tours

Authors often include Blog Tours as part of their book launch marketing strategy. As you plan yours, here are some tips to maximize your results from Kelly McClymer.

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Market Your Books on Facebook


Authors who use Facebook regularly should feature their books and news on their Facebook author page. We explain two different apps that can be used to build professional marketing tabs within Facebook.

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6 Advantages of a Professional Newsletter

Have you ever tried to send out a newsletter to your fans? If not, why not? Newsletter services make it easier than ever. We give examples of what they do and explain why you want to use one.

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Expand Your Reach With Vlogging

Tired of typing away at the keyboard? Consider vlogging—creating a video weblog—to send your message in the most personable of ways.

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