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How to Grow a Creative Business

Authors often face the troubling dilemma of how to strike a balance between their own artistic vision and the marketplace. In a nutshell: should authors write what they love or write what they know they can sell? Fast Company and Aardman Animation provide one answer.

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Robotic Editors Can Improve Your Writing

Wherever you are in your writing career, chances are you think—and worry—about good editing. We offer some online robotic editor choices for you to explore.

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Harlequin Lawsuit Offers Valuable Contract Lessons

A class-action complaint has been filed against romance publisher Harlequin regarding underpayment of royalties on ebooks. It’s too early to tell what the outcome will be, but the complaint offers some valuable lessons to authors.

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Our Library Is Now Free

For too long, authors have been retracing each other’s steps, looking to answer their questions about the business of being an author. We’re building a library of those resources—and now it’s free.

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A Dose of Positivity

To move forward confidently in your career, you must strive to stay optimistic even in the face of adversity. Sometimes this is easier said than done. We share some tips from Bright Side Up author Amy Spencer.

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Best Resources from 2012 Pt1

We recap some of the highlights from our blog posts earlier this year. We hope you find the information useful. Please share!

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Mid-Year Goal Review

Writers can lose time and focus on their business responsibilities when they don’t know what comes next in their process. As you review your 2012 progress and plan for the next six months, be suggest some business tasks to include with your goals.

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Feed Your Business Brain

As an author, you know how important it is to hone your craft. But do you feed your brain on a broader scale to best serve your professional interests? We suggest a few good books.

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Potential Dangers of Vanity Publishing

Vanity publishing has long been viewed with mistrust by many publishing professionals, and now a class action lawsuit illustrates the valid reasons for such concerns.

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