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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

Trying to figure out how to make the most of the time you spend on Facebook? Check out this ultimate guide to Facebook Marketing posts.

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Managing Messages from Facebook Groups

Facebook groups offer wonderful networking opportunities, but how can you control the amount of email they generate? We offer step by step instructions.

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Market Your Books on Facebook

Authors who use Facebook regularly should feature their books and news on their Facebook author page. We explain two different apps that can be used to build professional marketing tabs within Facebook.

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Advanced: Facebook Insights for Your Website

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For authors who are comfortable with HTML or have a web admin to assist, Facebook Insights can provide you valuable demographic data about who on Facebook is talking about your website or blog. We offer step by step instructions for adding to WordPress.

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StoryMark Shares Photos with Sound

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StoryMark allows you to combine a photo with a 30-second sound clip. Check out our experiment to learn how it works!

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Changing To Timeline—or Not

Facebook is changing to Timeline—whether you like it or not. We’ve got details on how to make the transition or a possible fix if you don’t like the new look.

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Five Strategies to Better Manage Your Social Media

Social media is both a boon and bane to authors. It’s easier than ever to extend your reach and influence, but keeping a handle on your social media can be exhausting and time-consuming.

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Facebook Tips: Get Into Timeline

Facebook will be updating all pages to a new design template on March 30, 2012. Get your page ready now. While you’re at it, update your profile to Timeline.

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More Not-to-Miss Daily Tips

Today we’re sharing ten more not-to-miss daily tips so you can easily find the very best of Author EMS!

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