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This is a quick reference page for Apple ePublishing. For more information on epublishing, please see Publishing Your eBook.

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Apple iBooks (supports English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish)
can e-distribute to   No other outlets, but your ebook can be purchased via Apple’s iTunes through 51 countries.
May I set the price?   You set the list price ending in $.99
What are my royalties?   70%.  Apple keeps 30% even on returns
Can I track sales?   Information is updated online daily
ISBN needed?   Apple once required it, but as of November 2012 the requirement has been dropped.
file formats accepted   ePub
file format sold   ePub
author services   Provides a list of approved aggregators who can do a file conversion and submit your book to Apple for a part of your royalties: Ingram, InScribe Digital, LibreDigital, Lulu, Smashwords, Bookwire (Europe), Immatérial (Europe).
Click HERE for a link to Creating an ePub Files with Pages.
  • Author/Publishers need an iTunes Connect publisher account to place their ebook in the Apple iBookstore.  The iTunes Producer software is  then used to upload their book.
  • Non Macintosh users have found submitting their ebook directly to Apple difficult and have used aggregators or an upload service. AuthorEMS now offers an Apple Upload Service.
  • Apple is not author unfriendly, but there are more steps in the approval process than with Amazon’s Kindle or B&N’s NOOK Press.
  • As a publisher you must sell all the ebooks on Apple that you also sell elsewhere on the web.
  • Royalties are paid monthly 45 days after the close of a month.
Can they print my book?   No

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