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Finding the right places to promote on the Internet can be golden.  Visibility is the key, and any promotion that introduces your book to new readers is a bonus. On this page we’ve listed a number of opportunities, some free, some paid, to help you promote your book.

There are also a number of book reviewers listed in our DOR who offer to post author interviews and/or offer advertising space on their sites.  You can Search DOR by your book’s genre and then select the interview or ad space option beneath the list of genres.

Help us build the list! If you know of a promotional site not listed here, use the Contact Page in the navigation bar to send us the URL (web address).  You’re welcome to include the site name or any other info, but if you get us the link, we’ll be happy to research it and add the details to the listing here.

$ — opportunities are free   $ — opportunities require payment

$  99 Cent Network:  Facebook page where you may list books priced at $2.99 or less, any genre.

$  99 Cent Romances:   Facebook page offers the opportunity to list your 99¢ romance title with cover photo.

$  Addicted to eBooks:   Books must be priced $5.99 or less and they do not post Erotica at this time. You must have at least five book reviews, and one of those reviews must be from a book reviewer/book blogger, not just a reader.

$  Amazon Meet Our Authors Forum: Forum with numerous discussion topics, all available for authors to introduce themselves and their books to readers.

$  AppNewser Free eBook of the Week: Editors select a few free ebooks to list every week on the AppNewser blog.  To pitch, send an email via the link.

$  $  AReCafe:   This is a promotional channel for ebook authors and publishers, with links to two well-established ebook retail sites,  All Romance eBooks (for all genres of romance) and Omni Lit (including mystery, fiction, inspirational, and nonfiction). Total audience for all three sites exceeds 100,000 and women’s fiction is the strongest seller.  To participate, register on the site. AReCafe also offers display advertising.

$  Ask David This is a European-based promotion and review site offering a free book promotion page with links to your website, social media and a link to your book’s Amazon page.

$  Audiobook Community: Facebook community with over 2,300 Likes features news on audio books. Their about page states:  “Audiobook Community was created and is maintained by the team at AudioFile as an open, uncensored, unbranded forum for all audiobook listeners to discover audiobooks and connect with other fans as well as publishers, authors, and narrators.”

$  Author & Book Promotions:  Facebook page with 6,000+ Likes, allows authors to post events, giveaways, signings, and other promotions.

$  Author Marketing Club: offers free memberships to authors and readers. Must register to access most functionality. Allows authors to submit listing of KDP Select free days to multiple blog sites and FB pages as well as the AMC page, blog and FB pages. Submit your scheduled days at least one week prior. Also offers 3 FB pages, Romance, Horror and general. Authors may also submit excerpts and ask for readers to review.

$  Authors and Booklovers Discussion Group: Facebook group that allows authors to post about their books.

$  $  Awesome Gang:  Book promotion site with corresponding Facebook and Google+ pages.  Review navigation bar on site for ways to list book for free.  Site also appears to offer a sponsored feature post option.

$  Backlist eBooks: offers paid promotion opportunity for authors with indie digital editions of previously print published books. Current fees are $30 annual membership, $10 setup.

$  $  Bargain eBook Hunter: Free listing of free books on Amazon, or paid promotion including Guaranteed “Free” Placement or daily Showcase Book. Except for free book listing, books may be priced between free and $5.00

$  $  Book & Trailer Showcase: Offers paid advertising spots for author websites, books and book trailers. Also offers guest blogs and an author news category.

$  BookBub: Produces daily email newsletters featuring books in different categories to large readership. Ads are based on number of subscribers in category you choose. Books must be deeply discounted or free for a limited time.  Prices may appear expensive, but these ads have proven effective for boosting short term sales, with authors hitting bestseller lists.

$  Book Candy Studio: Offers “Open Book Friday” on their Facebook page. Authors may post about their books on Fridays for free. Watch their Timeline for them to post their Friday invites.

$  $  Book Daily:  Offers free author accounts where you can upload a sample of your book and reach readers. Note: it asks for an ISBN when trying to upload a book sample, and then it offers a paid upgrade for better quality formatting or to add your book cover image.

$  $  Book Goodies: Book promotion site that offers paid ads and also promotion of free Kindle books. Their home page also has a category for Giveaways, which may be worth exploring. Site appears fairly new, and there’s no About page sharing who runs the site.

$  Book Release Daily: Promotes new releases at all price points for all online retailers via a website, daily email blast to subscribers and Facebook page (currently 41K Likes). Currently free, but expect prices to appear for promo opportunities in upcoming weeks or months (updated 7Aug2015)

$  @book_tweets_1 | Book Tweets: Twitter account that promotes the written word. Will retweet book and author related tweets.

$  $  Books Butterfly:  Offers $0.99 book, $2.99 box set and free book promotions to email lists of 125,000+ email subscribers. Currently (Sep2015) 128,888+ daily active readers (see list of where they promote). They offer a prorated refund in case a promotion does not hit the specified targets. See more info on “priced book” promotions or “free book” promotions.

$  Books Gone Viral: Facebook group that allows authors to share about their books. New in 2012, currently 700+ members in group. Short excerpts allowed. Be sure to click the About tab on their page to learn the basics of what to post.

$  $  Books In Sync:  Join the Books in Sync community and participate in their many promotional opportunities. They also offer paid packages for outside-the-community online ad placements.  Note: we gave them our email address and we received a lot of marketing email from them.

$  $  BookZone:  Offers free book introductions, book reviews and interviews as well as paid ad spots.

$  An indexing and promotional site that allows you to list your ebook for free. Books are indexed by genre.

$  $  Cents-ible eReads: Promotes ebooks that retail for under $5.  Offers Daily Features, Author Giveaways, sidebar ads and each Friday they post a list of free ebooks (free book listing is free, but not guaranteed).  Also tweet from @centsibleereads.

$  Cheap Ebooks for Teens:  Website that offers daily email updates to subscriber base of free or inexpensive (less than $5.99) ebooks suitable for teens to read. Submit your book information via their form. Submissions are not guaranteed to be listed. They tweet using #CheapTeenEbooks meme.

$  Coffee Times Romance:  Offers a number of paid options starting as low as $5. They have a website, review blog, author interviews, Yahoo groups, and a newsletter.

$  D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters:  Blog featuring first chapters of romance books. Geared toward traditionally published books/authors. Read full guidelines before emailing a request.

$  Daily Cheap Reads:   Features Kindle books priced $5 or less. Prefers to list commercially published books that are heavily discounted (less than $5), but will feature indie books now and then. They also have a corresponding Facebook page but authors should not post there directly. To submit your book for consideration, send them a comment via the “Your Two Cents Worth” tab on their website. Wait list is “quite long” in their words.

$  Dear Reader:  Offers a number of services for libraries and publishers but nothing directly to authors. There’s a Facebook and Twitter account in the footer.

$  Digital Book Today:   free promotion but must have at least five 5-star reviews.

$  $  Ebook Impresario: Website, daily newsletter and associated Facebook page (53,000+ Likes) that advertises and promotes free and bargain ebooks.  Most options are paid, but if your book will be free and has “a lot of 5-star reviews,” it may get listed for free.

$  $  E-Reader News Today:   For Kindle editions, offers Book of the Day promotion for $50. Be aware they will only respond to your request if they select to run your book. Check here for listing free book promotions.

$  E-Room Daily: Promotes free reads, reads from 99¢ to $2.99 and more. Any price point acceptable. Currently offering free sponsorships (site launched Feb. 2012), but free offer is limited (no timeline mentioned).

$  $  Erotica for All:  UK-based website bringing together readers, authors and publishers of erotic books. Offers author profiles, display ad space, lists free reads, guest posts, author interviews and more.

$  Fallen Angel Reviews:  Book review site has a page listing New Releases. Scroll to bottom, and there’s info on how to contact them and get your new release added to the page.  Adult content.

$  Feathered Quill Book Reviews:  Offers 1-month and 2-month display ads on the homepage.

$  $  FictFact Facebook Page: Page with over 2300 Likes that shares information on books that are part of a series.  Also hosts a website that has searchable information for readers, a monthly newsletter and offers paid ad options for authors.

$  $  Flurries of Words: Look at left column for listing of free and paid promotional options. Free options include lists of free and 99¢ books, new indie releases and a book of the day feature. Also offers paid display ads.

$   Free eBooks Daily: offers free listings of books priced free up to $3.00.  Submit your book via their contact form. As of now, all listings appear to include only an Amazon link. Also offers paid options Guaranteed Posting and Books of the Day placement.

$  Free Kindle Books and Tips: submit your KDP Select free book (book must be priced free) for possible listing on their site.

$  $  Freebie Books: daily promotions of books that are free on Kindles. These books can be either permanent or longstanding free pricing, or via KDP Select free days.  They also offer sidebar ads.  Sister site to GoodKindles. Look for more paired website partnerships, as companies strive to maintain their affiliate contract with Amazon and provide promotion for paid books, but still offer their readership info on free books.

$  $  Freebooksy: offers free and paid promotion. Submit your free book for editorial consideration (if they like it, they’ll post it for free), or connect their free Author Marketing App to your Facebook author page. You can also pay to be a Featured Book of the day.

$  Fresh Fiction: Offers numerous advertising options including contest management, where you set the contest and giveaway, they collect and give you email addresses of all your entrants. More traditional display ads and newsletter ads available, too.

$  Friday Flames: Weekly blog post every Friday by author Sheri Fredricks features excerpts of scenes where passion burns. Scene can be sensual and/or sexually explicit. Authors are welcome to include their excerpts in the comments.

$  #FridayReads:  Twitter hashtag featured on Fridays, a chance to mention what books you’re reading.  Get a friend to mention your book.

$  $  Frugal eReader:   Website with associated Facebook page offers promotion of Kindle editions. Free books can request a free listing, others should check their promotions page.

$  GalleyCat’s Authors Who Visits Book Clubs spreadsheet:  Visit this site to sign up for their Authors Who Visit Book Clubs spreadsheet.  You never know when a book club might choose your book.

$  GalleyCat’s Literary Event Calendar: Got a book signing or speaking engagement, perhaps a live release party or personal appearance at a bookstore? Read the post by GalleyCat, then visit their Facebook page to list your event at least one week in advance. Some events get compiled into a blog post.

$  GalleyCat’s List of Free Sites to Promote Your eBook:  (Dec. 2012 post) Blog post containing lengthy list of linked sites that are free promotion options.

$  GalleyCat’s New Books Facebook Page:  GalleyCat offers a special Facebook page for gathering info on upcoming or recent releases from authors. Select books get mentioned on their main blog.  Full post with explanation and links here.

$  Gemma Halliday’s Facebook Page:  Gemma sponsors Free Book Friday every week on her Facebook page with 4,000+ Likes.  She’s seeking books that are free on Nook, iTunes and Kobo to add to the many Kindle free books she receives.  Contact her via her website with book title, your name, the buy link and approx. when and how long the book will be free.

$  $  Offers free listings for free, discounted and full price books, and there are also display ads available.

$  Happily Ever After: Facebook page where romance readers and authors can connect. It appears that authors may post about their books, but no specific guidelines yet offered. Now offers corresponding blog that launched in May 2012. No information yet on how books are chosen to be listed.

$  $  I Crave Freebies: Website and associated Facebook page (with 16,000+ Likes) that lists a variety of free offers ranging from coupons to samples to free ebook downloads and more. Also offers sidebar ads on the website.  Contact the webmaster for more information.

$  I Love Romance and Historical Fiction Trilogies and Series Facebook Page:  Growing Facebook page that connects readers with authors who write books in series. Readers want to read the books in order.  Most recent posts are all by page owner, but there are previous posts by authors.

$  $  InD’tale Magazine:  website and e-zine offers advertising options geared toward self- and small published books with a romantic flair. Magazine features interviews, book reviews and articles. Back issues are archived on the website.

$  Indie Book Review:   Not truly a review site, this blog will post your self-published book cover and excerpt.

$  Indie eBooks:  This blog offers interviews and excerpts, but to have your book featured, you must purchase a sponsorship for a nominal fee.  You get three posts during the month, and a banner ad.

$  $  Indie Reader:    Includes reviews, and paid ads.

$  Indie Snippets:  Indie authors may submit up to 200 words of snippet from anywhere in your book.

$  Just Romantic Suspense: Blog by romantic suspense authors offers guest blogging opportunities. Simply request an available date on their posted calendar.

$  $  Kindle Book Review:   Offers a Book of the Day listing, but you must have 20 or more Kindle reviews with a 4 or higher ranking. Also offers paid ad space.  Check out their Author Resources page, which lists even more places to promote your book.

$  Kindle Finds:    Offers paid sidebar and full page ads.

$  Kindle Fire Department:  Promotes accessories and apps for the Kindle Fire tablet. Features a Kindle Book of the Day, but currently, they are not accepting Book of the Day sponsorships. They do offer other forms of advertising on the site.

$  Kindle Korner: Facebook page (started late March 2012) for indie authors to post their books.   Web site under construction.

$  $  Kindle Mojo:   Offers free listings and paid ad space for indie authors with books on Kindle.

$  Kindle Nation Daily:  A website and corresponding Facebook page (with 35,000 Likes) that offers numerous paid sponsorship packages.

$  @kindle_promo | Kindle Promo: Based in the UK, this site, Facebook and Twitter account promotes indie authors. Tweet with #kindlepromo tag, and they’ll retweet to 39K+ followers. Web site is currently under development but the Featured Books page is designed to show your and book links. Currently no mention of fees.

$  $  Kindle Romance Review:  website that reviews romances in Kindle format. You may request a free review by choosing from their list of reviewers and sending an email with your book as an attachment. Paid advertising options also available.

$  @KindleSurprise/@KindleCoyote:  Twitter accounts that tweet about your book. Follow both accounts, then send a sample tweet including the Amazon link to your book. You can email the tweet to

$  Log Line Blog:  Free opportunity to post your book cover with 25-word or less log line. Full submission info available on the site.

$  $  Long and Short Reviews/Whipped Cream Reviews: Offers author interviews, book reviews and guest blogs as well as a host of paid advertising options. Site is preparing for launch of new design in January 2012.

$  Luxury Reading:  Book review blog that offers sponsored guest posts, author interviews and paid reviews.  The Author Services page on the site only discusses paid reviews, but the blog owner has said that sidebar ads and sponsored posts are also available. Email her directly for more information.

$  $  Manic Readers: Active author and reader community with optional author accounts that allow for a variety of listings and advertising opportunities.

$   ManyBooks: Website started in 2005 promoting public domain books, now offers newsletter advertising (60K+ subscribers) for free and highly discounted books.  Free and paid placement options available. Requires that book has 10 reviews and 4.0 or better Amazon star rating to be featured.

$  Naughty Reads on the Cheap: Offers free listings for sensual and erotic books that are either free or priced at 99¢.  Check their FAQ and Submissions pages for more info. Also has a Facebook page associated with the site.

$  $  New Free Kindle Books: Offers free listings for Kindle ebooks that are currently free, permafree and promotionally discounted. $5 ad available to ensure your book is placed on first page of listings.

$  Novel Seniors:  Facebook page and corresponding website gifts free Kindle ebooks to readers who are age 55+.  Newly launched in May 2012, so not a large following yet. Visit their website for more information. As of 5/29/12 we found no Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or any mention of who runs the site. That info may be forthcoming.

$  $  Nook Lovers: Offers both free and paid sponsorships that include your cover, blurb and buy links. Their guidelines recommend that you follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook, and join their blog. Their application for sponsorship has many steps, so allow some time to fill it out.

$  Nookhood:  A Facebook page run by fans of the Nook.  Not affiliated with Barnes & Noble. Page doesn’t have a hard and fast rule about authors posting. Review their Info and Forums before posting on their Wall.

$  Novelspot Readers: Facebook group run by Novelspot, all about introducing authors and books to readers.  Growing community, join and post for free.

$ Create your own custom ezine from your selected Twitter feeds. Free and very cool, a great way to create a niche market and communicate with readers daily. Does require a little setup and maintenance, but not time-consuming and very little effort for high quality results. This isn’t a promotional site, but a tool, so you Tweet when your ezine posts a new edition. People can subscribe and receive reminders via email.

$  Pixel of Ink:   Offers paid sponsorships that buy you a Book of the Day listing. Currently closed to sponsorships—you can subscribe to their author-targeted newsletter to receive word on when they will reopen.  They have an active Facebook page with over 55,000 fans and boast over 7,000 readers for the e-newsletter.

$  Push Your Book: Facebook page promoting indie authors. Authors are welcome to post info on their books and readers are encouraged to post questions.

$  $  Red Hot Readers: Facebook page offering free reads to reader. You can list a free pdf file with them or commit to giving away 100 free ebooks to build your mailing list. For latest free and paid offerings, see their For Authors Page on their website.

$  RG2E:  The Readers’ Guide to EPublishing site offers a Featured Authors Program. Write a fabulous guest blog post and gift your ebook to their readers that day (you choose how many books to give away).  They book the blogs well in advance.

$  Rock*It Reads: Group site of traditionally published authors who have begun to self-publish select works. As a group, they also write the Love Rocks column for Featured books must be available on Check their submission information for upcoming sub-genres to be featured.

$  Romance — Author To Author:  A website where authors can connect with each other for cross-promotion opportunities.

$  Romance Books 4 Us:  New reader-author community offering paid promotional pages for authors.

$  $  Romance Divas: Website, forum and author/publisher community offers sponsorships and various advertising packages. They also will consider article submissions about writing craft or the publishing industry for publication on their site.

$  $  Romance Junkies: Offers a variety of free services such as posting author bios, book covers or holding contests, plus they offer paid advertising promotional opportunities.

$  $  Romance Novel Center: Web community and forums for romance authors and readers offers numerous paid advertising opportunities and free memberships (members may post announcements of upcoming books). On the registration page, scroll down for great advice about setting up your profile and using the site/community.

$  Romancing the Book: Offers guest blog opportunities for romance and YA authors. Also hosts official blog tour stops. No charge, but you can make a donation to the site.

$  $  RomCon:  Site offers guest blogger opportunities for romance authors. You must supply a giveaway with your accepted blog post (a book, ebook, gift certificate. Site also offers advertising options.

$  #SampleSunday:  Started by indie authors, this is a Sunday Twitter hashtag where you post an excerpt of your book on your website. You then post the link as part of a tweet with this hashtag. Lots of retweets.

$  $  Shades of Romance: Known as SORMag, this site features multicultural romances.  There are free interview, review and guest blogging opportunities for authors as well as a host of paid advertising options.

$  $  Sizzling Scoop Magazine: Created by Sizzling PR, this monthly book related e-magazine features articles, interviews, upcoming releases, events, ad space, reviews and more. Each monthly issue has a theme.

Sneak Peek Sunday: Weekly blog hop of 6 paragraphs from your book. List signup is posted each Monday morning, the blog hop posts on the following Sunday.

$ Free listing of your KDP Select book during its FREE days only. List your book on the day it goes free.

$ Website that connects readers with authors through contests, author spotlights and first chapter spotlights. Offers listings of free books, 99¢ books and more. Listings are free; donations to the site are encouraged and welcome.

$  Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights: author blog that offers paid advertising opportunities for erotic paranormal and urban fantasy books. Adult content.

$  $  The Book Boost:  Kerri Nelson runs this blog that offers book promotion for authors. Sidebar ads, books featured in the body of the blog.

$  $  The Book Breeze:  Offers free listing of new book releases plus a number of paid advertising options.

$  The Cheap:   Internet community anchored by a primary website and a group of Facebook pages.  Started primarily as a site for Nook owners to find Nook books. The Facebook pages now include Kindle books as well.

$  This Is Writing:  Promotes books and authors through interviews, guest posts, excerpts and other forms of content.

$  Authors on the Cheap:  On this Facebook page, you can list one book per day.  Book must retail for $5 or less.  See their Notes on the left sidebar for full instructions.  Only 1 book per author per 24 hours.  You may list the B&N link and also include where else the book is sold with links.  From here, they select books and move them to their other pages, Cheap e-Reads, KindleReads, and even more pages for subgenres including romance, YA, children’s and more.

$  The e-reader House:   The about page states: “A home for independent authors and independently minded readers. Please be assured you are actively encouraged to post your books, reviews, etc. A chance to find the hidden gems in the e-book world.” Currently at 900+ Likes.

$  @TheKindleWhispe | The Kindle Whisperer:  Twitter account by Author/Dad/and promoter of indie books. Run by owner of Kindle Mojo.

$  The Rex Files: Author blog post outlining specific instructions for promoting a KDP Select book’s free days. Includes timelines, links, tweet list and more.  Excellent resource.

$  $  The Romance Reviews: Reader community and book review site that allows authors to create a free profile page and list their books.  Must first register as a member. Also offers promotional packages, website ads, contests and newsletter ads.

$  $  The Romance Studio:  Offers a variety of web and newsletter ads for all types and heat levels of romance books.  Search the left-hand sidebar on their page for free promotional opportunities, such as listing your Facebook Author Page on their site.

$  Third Sunday Blog Carnival: Blog post compiled the third Sunday of every month featuring writers of poetry and all forms of fiction. Read their How to Submit to understand how to submit an excerpt or blog post and be added to their blogroll and included in the monthly compilation.

$ Promotional web site for traditional and indie books listed on Kobo. Listings are currently free during their grand opening period. Offers listings of free and bargain books and a Book of the Day feature.

$  @TweetinURBook | TweetinBooks: Twitter account that tweets about reviews, books and bargains.

$  USA Today Blog:  Joyce Lamb is discontinuing the HEA Monday New Releases posts. Instead there will be a Saturday post of “highlights of the new releases” including most romance genres. Please send your info directly to Joyce Lamb: . Please include “NEW RELEASE” and the subgenre in the subject line. In the body of the email: title, author, release date, publisher or indie-pubbed, and a short blurb (50-75 words). Do not send cover art.

$  $  We Read Romance: Paired with its sister site, We Write Romance, WRR offers numerous paid advertising options as well as reviews and interviews.

$  Whizbuzz: Paid listing for your book on the Whizbuzz site and online Amazon bookstore with optional upgrade to cross-promote on The Vandal blog.

$  $  World Literary Cafe: Online community for readers and authors founded by Melissa Foster. Offers free and paid promotional opportunities and supportive of indie authors. They offer cross promotion via Twitter and Facebook and list free books by members every Friday.

$  YA Book Central:  Website featuring massive listing of YA books.  Register on the site to add yourself as an author and/or add your new YA book.

$  Your Book Authors: Web site and online bookstore for all genres and non-fiction. Authors can get a lifetime membership for $1.99.

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