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Intro to Promotion

Once a book is published, many authors find their time torn between writing the next book and promoting the current book. This section is provided to help streamline the process of deciding how and where to promote.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to promote your book.  Promotional options and results will vary depending on a number of different factors:

  • Whether the author is making his/her debut or is established
  • Release date (time of year may work for or against you)
  • Format (print, digital, audio or other?)
  • Commercially or independently published
  • Genre

Where To Begin

If you feel lost when it comes to promoting your book, you’re not alone. We strongly recommend creating a promotional plan.  With a written plan that includes tasks and deadlines, you stand a better chance of focusing your promotional efforts and minimizing the time spent on them. Hint: it’s a good idea to start this process at least three months prior to your book’s release date.

  • Step 1:  From the list of factors above, identify the “givens” about your book.
  • Step 2:  Take stock.  Make a list of the elements you have that will help your promotional efforts. This includes things like your website, blog, social media accounts, mailing lists, etc.
  • Step 3:  Visit some of the links below to see what elements you might be missing for your promotional plan.

Yes, we’ve over-simplified it, but it’s a starting point. Remember, you don’t have to do everything.  If you hate Twitter, then don’t tweet. If the idea of blogging everyday makes you break out in hives, then don’t do it. Consider blogging once per week or join with other like-minded authors to form a group blog where everyone only has to post a blog a few times per month.

Keep an eye on the sidebar at left for new pages in this section. We’ve started off with a list of Online Promotion sites.

The Creative Penn devotes an entire page to Marketing Your Book with downloadable webinars (fee) and dozens of links.

Publishing Perspectives features a guest post by Goodreads CEO Otis Chandler on Winning the Battle of Book Discovery. In a nutshell, some potential readers need to discover your book multiple times before they’ll buy.

708 Media explains How To Encourage Customers to Follow You on Social Media. The post is geared toward small businesses, but it will make you think outside the box.

GalleyCat offers 10 Nontraditional Ways to Promote Your Book.

Indie author Joe Konrath offers his advice in What Works: Promo for Ebooks.

Romance University features Carina Press’ Eleanor Elliott’s take on Marketing for Debut Authors.

The folks at DuoLit share Start Your Media Kit Today as a mini-workbook.

Joel Friedlander explains Your Online Book Launch: What You Need To Know.

Adventures in Agentland offers Tips on Marketing Your Novel.

Jane Friedman blogs at Writer Unboxed on The No. 1 Component of an Effective Online Marketing and Promotion Strategy.

Former publicist Sandra Beckwith shares 8 Press Kit Elements for Your Author Website on The Fearless Self-Publisher blog. (Note: there are lots of great marketing articles in the left sidebar on this site. The blog is run by FriesenPress, so be aware that they’d like to sell you on their services. The blog articles we reviewed were informative and helpful.)

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