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Intro to Your Self-Publishing Business

April 13, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – May 18, 2014 @ 1:00 am
Amy Atwell

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Intro to Your Self-Publishing Business

Course Details

Self-publishing provides an amazing opportunity for authors to take control of their own publishing career. It’s also a lot of hard work.

This five-week lecture series and discussion group is designed to teach students about the business of self-publishing books digitally and in print.  When an author chooses to self-publish a book, it means supervising the production and distribution process.  We’ll cover all the basics from the perspective of building a successful, long-running business:

  • basics of self-employment models: sole proprietor, LLC, corporation
  • protecting your privacy if you write under a pseudonym
  • registering copyright
  • obtaining ISBNs and when they’re necessary
  • finding and working with freelance editors, formatters and cover artists
  • distributing directly to retailers vs using aggregators or publishing services
  • self-publishing audio books and foreign translations
  • where and how to sell your book
  • building a basic timeline and budget
  • best practices for building your self-published book
  • understanding metadata and how and where it’s used
  • is self-publishing really for you?


  • For students to gain a clearer understanding of how to self-publish
  • For students to take ownership of their publishing career path
  • For students to gain perspective on the financial and artistic reasons to choose self-publishing
  • For students to gain knowledge and tools to help them embark on self-publishing their work
  • For students to discover trustworthy resources for further research


  • Dates: April 13 — May 17, 2014
  • Taught by Amy Atwell and Kelli Finger
  • Cost:  $50 payable by PayPal or check
  • The class will take place on a Yahoo loop. Lectures will be posted to the group and in the files section. Registrants will receive an invitation to the group after they’ve completed the registration process (after April 10th).
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