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Digital and Print Formatting

112-Color-256Digital Formatting

At Author E.M.S., we take great pride in producing error-free digital files that are fully compatible with the various retailers, ereader devices, softwares and apps.  We strive to provide you clean, functional ebooks that are easy to read and easy to navigate. Kirby and I also work hard to ensure consistency within the formatting of your books.

Please be aware that neither of us talk technobabble. We’re not geeks by training, we actually have backgrounds in literature and the arts. We have a working knowledge of basic HTML, and I’ve developed some skills over the past year with editing ePub files. We’ve been using Mac computers for nearly 30 years, and we’ve developed a process that delivers great quality ebook files.

ePub and Mobi Format

As an indie author myself, I know how time-consuming it is to prepare Word files to upload to each retailer.  Everyone wants something just a bit different. Once I learned how to prepare my own .epub and .mobi versions of my book, I realized I had better control of the end-product downloaded by buyers. Uploading to the retailers was no longer a chore—it was a breeze!—because my book file always uploaded first try.

Scope of Service:  We’ll fully clean the text and convert your complete book file from a single Word document file into generic .ePub and .mobi formats suitable for uploading to the following retailers or distributors:  Apple iBooks, Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble NOOK Press, Kobo Writing Life, Draft2Digital, Smashwords. The final digital book files we deliver to you will include the following:

  • Cover art embedded within the file
  • Basic metadata embedded within the file
  • ISBN (if any) embedded within the file
  • Navigable table of contents compatible with and tested on various ereaders and softwares
  • HTML-coded table of contents (required by Amazon)
  • Flowing text free of hidden errors that cause unwanted paragraph breaks
  • Logical page breaks to denote chapters, excerpts and other key elements
  • Hyperlinks tested for functionality and accuracy (up to 10)

For an extra fee, we can offer the following additional work:

  • Insert additional images or graphics within the book file.
  • Insert, test and troubleshoot additional hyperlinks (after the initial 10).
  • Create retailer specific files, for example, the Nook Edition includes a list of books by the author and all those titles are linked to their B&N pages. If there’s a request to the reader to leave a customer review, we can mention B&N specifically.
  • Build your book’s front and end matter from multiple source files.
  • Build your book from a scanned optic-character-recognition (OCR) original. Note: we don’t do the scanning, but if you’ve had your print book scanned and saved into a Word file, chances are it’s riddled with typographical and formatting errors. We clean up the obvious errors and send you the Word file in an easy-to-proofread format. You input your corrections, then we finalize the formatting of your ebook.
  • Expedited service. Our normal turnaround runs 4 days, but I can expedite within 24-48 hours, if our schedule permits. Email us for availability.
  • Once we have the master file(s) formatted, we can handle future edits and create new masters whenever you need.

A note about ISBNs: Please note that none of the above-mentioned retailers require an ISBN be assigned to your book, however, most of them recommend it.

Fee:  $50 for generic .epub and .mobi formats
+ $10 and up per each retailer specific file

Want to learn more?Formatting Details


Smashwords .doc Format

As a separate service, we also format your book into the exacting style required by Smashwords for their “meatgrinder.”  Via Smashwords, indie authors can distribute their book in multiple formats to multiple retailers around the globe.  Be aware that because one file goes into the Smashwords “meatgrinder” and makes multiple file formats, we have less control over the exact appearance of these files.

Fee: $45 for Smashwords .doc format

Kindle Worlds .docx Format

More and more authors are producing stories for Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program.  Amazon prefers a .docx format for these uploads, because they add specific content such as the copyright language themselves. We provide a fully-cleaned .docx format that will convert to a beautiful Kindle mobi file. $30 for up to 30K words, $40 for over 30K words.

Fee: $30-40 for Kindle Worlds .docx format

Print-on-Demand (POD) Format

As a separate service, we can also format your fiction book’s text for a beautiful print interior using the POD technology at CreateSpace, NOOK Press and/or Ingram Spark. We start with a MS Word template and customize to your choice of binding size and target page count. We’ll send you multiple proofs so you can have input on layout, fonts, spacing, chapter headings, scene breaks and more.  Our final step is to “hand balance” the text to correct for widows/orphans and odd spacing within paragraphs. Normal turnaround is 7-10 business days.  Please note that while we don’t design print edition covers, we’re happy to include images inside your book. We can even take your color images and convert them to grayscale. Our files are guaranteed to comply with uploading requirements by all three POD retailers.

Fee: $150 for print book interior .pdf
$125 for subsequent book interiors based on existing custom stylesheet

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