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Author E.M.S. Campus remains closed until mid-2015. Our apologies, but family health issues must take precedence for the next few months. Below is a listing of our most popular classes—ones we plan to offer again in the second half of the year.

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Your Publishing Options in Today’s World

You’ve completed your book. Congratulations! Wondering what to do next? For many years, most authors simply sought a traditional print publishing contract. Now, authors are exploring more publishing options, such as digital books, audio books, small presses that use print-on-demand and a growing variety of self-publishing opportunities.

With so many options, which is best for you? In this workshop we’ll objectively examine each of the four major publishing platforms through a series of posted lectures, guest interviews and guided discussions. We’ll cover traditional print publishing, digital publishing, vanity or subsidy publishing and self-publishing. You’ll learn a basic understanding of copyright, the pros and cons of each platform, hear from authors who’ve chosen one publishing path or transitioned from one to another and why.

By the end of this month-long class, you’ll be ready to take the wheel, guiding your career with confidence. What’s important is not which publishing platform you choose, but that you understand your choices so you can select the best publishing option for each book you want to bring to the public. Every author has his or her own definition of success, and building a strong knowledge base of the industry will help you achieve it.

Intro to Your Self -Publishing Business   $50

Self-publishing provides an amazing opportunity for authors to take control of their own publishing career. It’s also a lot of hard work.

This five-week lecture series and discussion group is designed to teach students about the business of self-publishing books digitally and in print.  When an author chooses to self-publish a book, it means supervising the production and distribution process.  We’ll cover all the basics from the perspective of building a successful, long-running business:

  • basics of self-employment models: sole proprietor, LLC, corporation
  • protecting your privacy if you write under a pseudonym
  • registering copyright
  • obtaining ISBNs and when they’re necessary
  • finding and working with freelance editors, formatters and cover artists
  • distributing directly to retailers vs using aggregators or publishing services
  • self-publishing audio books and foreign translations
  • where and how to sell your book
  • building a basic timeline and budget
  • best practices for building your self-published book
  • understanding metadata and how and where it’s used
  • is self-publishing really for you?


Creating a Book Launch Plan

This five-week class is designed to help students develop a marketing plan, budget and calendar for launching a book release. Great for debut authors, self-published and commercially published authors who want to actively participate in increasing their book sales.

  • Revealing your cover art
  • Press releases & media kits
  • Launch parties & virtual launches
  • Requesting book reviews
  • Blog tours & guest blogs
  • Giveaways
  • Online promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and more
  • Paid advertising
  • Book signings, readings, author visits (live promotion)
  • Planning your time and budget

Tips 4 WIPs + POD: Microsoft Word Techniques All Authors Should Know

Guest instructor Joan Leacott offers a special four-week session of her popular Tips 4 WIPs workshop. Through lectures and hands-on exercises, students will learn how and when to use advanced functions in Microsoft Word to save time and improve efficiency and functionality of documents.  Whether you’re submitting a manuscript to a publisher or agent, preparing a file to upload for digital book conversion, or preparing a book for print-on-demand (POD) publication, mastering these techniques will help you work smarter, not harder.

  • When and how to use Styles
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Basic and advanced Find and Replace commands
  • Common editing cleanup: deleting extra spaces, setting indents, creating special characters
  • Understanding Headers and Footers
  • When and where to use Page Breaks and/or Section Breaks
  • Best practices for using Track Changes


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