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Speed Up Online Searches with Writer’s Knowledge Base

Do you feel like you waste time finding resources online? Wish there was a magic tool to help?

Thanks to author Jami Gold and a post she included in her blog last year on How To Find Writer Resources, we discovered a goldmine of information at the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB). 

WKB is a search engine for writers. Mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig planted the seeds for this database by tweeting links to great posts about writing by other authors. She then realized that an archive of these links would be a great asset to the writing community. Mike Fleming brought his technical expertise to her aid and together they created a search engine that’s pretty awesome.

Imagine if you could go to a specific database that contains all links pertaining to writing craft and industry. Now you can. Instead of Googling, which returns hundreds of thousands of unrelated links that happen to contain your search terms, the WKB can drill down your search immediately.

While the WKB was originally designed to capture writing craft articles, we discovered there are a number of writing business articles, too.  Here’s where to find more information.

Bonus: In case you missed it on the WKB site, there’s a sidebar link to Elizabeth’s Ebook Services Directory, a spreadsheet listing of freelancers.  Meanwhile, Mike has developed Hiveword, a web-based novel writing organizer to keep all of your story’s details at your fingertips.


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  1. Thanks for the link, Amy! I’m happy to share the love for Elizabeth. She’s fantastic. I use her WKB at least once a week. :)

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