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Sync Notes with Chrome Notepad

Looking for a better way to take notes while you do Internet research? 

There are hundreds of add-ons for various programs, but ones that increase productivity are always at the top of the list. Today we’re featuring an add-on that works with Chrome, Google’s free browser that runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

I’m a note taker and a list maker. A notepad for Chrome just seemed like a good idea.  Let’s take a look at Chrome Notepad. This extension adds a pop-up notebook within your Chrome browser so that you can write notes to yourself.

These notes are then dropped into Chrome’s bookmarks listing and can be synchronized through any other browser you have installed. Another cool trick is that the add-on remembers where your cursor was when you closed the notebook. When you reopen Notepad, it takes you back there. I like to use it to jot notes about my research, adding in tidbits as I find them.

The features of this handy extension include:

  • Saves notes after you’ve written what you need.
  • Remembers the last place you were working in the notepad.
  • Reports last update on the software.
  • Syncs notes, bookmarking where you were working, to all your computers.

From the Chrome Notepad site comes this information –

On syncing: This extension includes syncing capabilities by utilizing the bookmark syncing mechanism of Google Chrome. In order for the syncing to work, you will have to enable bookmark syncing. Once you do that, a folder named BSync will show up in your “Other bookmarks” folder. Please don’t remove it. Syncing takes place every 5+ minutes (if needed).

*** SYNC NOT WORKING? ***  In case sync is not working as it should, try to stop syncing for your Google account, restart Chrome and enable it back again. Read more on syncing here:

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  1. not able to sync notepad in google chrome OS. it has been 56 hours that syncing was not done. also there is no sync the bookmark option in the wrench toolbar in chrome. what to do?

    • Apologies for the delay. Open Google Chrome, go to the wrench, and from the drop down menu choose Options. From the left hand menu, check Extensions to make sure Notepad shows up. From left hand menu, check Personal Stuff to make sure you’re signed into your Google account. If you click the Advanced button, it will show you all things that Google is synching. This page also has a link to manage your synched data on your Google Dashboard, so you may need to check there. More instructions can be found in the Google Chrome Help section (last menu item when you click on the wrench). Type in Synch Extensions or Synch bookmarks for a list of references. Cheers!

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