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StoryMark Shares Photos with Sound

StoryMark allows you to combine a photo with a 30-second sound clip. Check out our experiment to learn how it works!

It’s no secret that I love technology, so when I learned about StoryMark, I had to download it on my iPhone. Join me for the official test. I’m posting this entry to our blog on WordPress to explain the basics, then I’ll follow it up with a real StoryMark entry on Facebook. Crossing fingers!

StoryMark allows you to combine a photo with a 30-second sound clip. The combined image/sound can then be shared via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.*

I thought it would be fantastic for the occasional blog post to simply post a photo with a sound clip. Tumblr’s platform is pretty high-tech, but our website here at Author E.M.S. is built on WordPress. Then it occurred to me that WordPress allows users to submit posts via email.  Unfortunately, during my test run, I discovered that WordPress doesn’t support attachments, so it won’t work with StoryMark because the photo comes through as an attachment. (But I will cover how to post blogs on WordPress via email next month!)

The biggest lesson from this?

Any technology comes with a learning curve. Don’t expect to master it in a day. I had high hopes, and I still think the StoryMark app may be very useful for me. But it’s going to take me a week to master it, not a day.

*Note: my StoryMark app gives simple instructions for how to post to Facebook and how to email as an attachment. Nothing about Twitter or YouTube, so I’m not sure (yet) how those work. When I did a trial post to Facebook, I had to update an Adobe Flash Player in order to see it.  Oh, and it only posts to my personal profile, not any of my pages.  If you’re curious to see the StoryMark, visit my Facebook profile.


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  1. Hi Amy – First, I wanted to say thank you for downloading the app! We really appreciate your support. I also wanted to thank you for your article.

    I wanted you to know that Version 2 will be out any day now. It is in review in the Apple store and will be released upon their approval. In addition to Facebook and e-mail capabilities, Version 2 will now allow you to post your StoryMarks straight to Twitter and YouTube (as well as adding comments to Facebook posts).

    Unfortunately, Facebook will only allow posting StoryMarks directly to your personal page, but you can save the StoryMark to your library and post to additional pages as well as your blog from there. We have many bloggers successfully doing that.

    We welcome all feedback – anything we can do to make the app easier to use is appreciated!

    Warm regards,
    Dana McIntyre
    StoryMark Life

  2. Hi Amy I wanted to follow up with you on StoryMark. The latest version allows for sharing via twitter, texting, Facebook, etc. We have also released StoryMark for Android.
    Hope you get a chance to check it out!

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