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Seth Godin’s Advice for Authors

Whether you’ve written a book, are writing a book or thinking of writing a book, these 19 tidbits of advice will provide food for thought.


Seth Godin (one of Kelsey’s heroes) wrote this interesting article titled Advice for Authors that outlines over a dozen bits of advice for authors. Some of the bits of gold include:

  • “Your cover matters.”
  • “Pay for an editor.” (Assuming you are self-publishing)
  • “Don’t try to sell your book to everyone.”

Some of his advice is focused toward authors of non-fiction, but fiction writers can also glean some helpful advice. And don’t be put off by the date—2006—on the post. Most of the information is just as relevant today, five years after the article was posted.

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  1. Hi Kelsey,

    I read this a while ago. Great share-worthy advice. Hope all is well with you.

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