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Are You Ready To Tumblr?

Tumblr may be the next big network to connect writers with readers. 

We caught a recent post on GalleyCat (one of our favorite blogs, by the way, and one every writer should follow to stay abreast of industry news) that discussed the blogging platform tumblr. I tried it out about a year ago, and I will say that it’s a great place to build a free web site or blog with beautiful templates and easy instructions to follow. I deleted my account more than a year ago because I felt I had too much Internet real estate and not enough hours in the day to maintain yet another blog. Now I’m rethinking that decision.

GalleyCat’s post Tumblr Tips for Writers featured Tumblr’s literary outreach Rachel Fershleiser explaining in 5 easy steps how to setup a Tumblr presence, start blogging and find other writers and readers within their community. One of the great advantages of Tumblr is that you can look for blogs by keywords such as “books” or “writers.” This is how new readers find you. The other advantage? Tumblr is forward thinking and has tools that make blogging fast and easy and mobile.

Now, if you’re already entrenched in Facebook and/or Twitter and/or other social media, you may not be ready to add another network. However, if you’re just building your social networks, tumblr is definitely one to check out.

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