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Tomorrow, May 4, is @AuthorEMS #filefest

Schedule two or three admin “sprints” during the month. You’ll be surprised how this can help conquer your business-related tasks.

Mark your calendar! First Friday FileFest is tomorrow (May 4). @AuthorEMS #filefest on Twitter

We start out the new year with good intentions of staying up-to-date with financial and administrative details. But some of us fall off the wagon around this time of year. Summer is just around the corner, which means the kids are out of school, vacations need to be planned and words must be written to hit the next deadline.

Although you may not have an entire day to devote to paperwork and account management, consider setting aside a minimum of one hour tomorrow to make a list of all your outstanding administrative tasks. Then plan for two or three admin “sprints” during the month. Yes, that means pulling out your calendar and scheduling them. Treat these sprints like you would writing sprints, devoting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to one project.

Because you’ve already developed your outstanding issues list, you’ll be able to quickly dive into balancing financial statements, inputting expenses or other tasks!

Watch for @AuthorEMS tweets tomorrow under the hashtag #filefest to join the fun!

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