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Save time in your day or explore ways to jump-start your writing to increase your word count. We share 22 tips via Friesen Press.

Summer is here in earnest and you would think a writer should be able to accomplish more writing. Longer hours of daylight. Warmer temperatures. Children home from school.

Well, maybe not everything in summer is conducive to writers accomplishing more.

If you’re one of those writers who could use a nudge to better manage your time, we found this helpful list from Amanda Eyolfson at Friesen Press.  She offers 22 tips on How to Write Productively.

Each tip is designed to either help you save time in your day or jump-start writing and increase your word-count.  Some highlights:

  • Establish non-communication zones and eliminate interruptions.
  • Bunch similar tasks together to save time.
  • Declutter. (Hey, we’ve suggested this before!)
  • Break it down so the project isn’t so overwhelming.
  • Stay on track because multitasking is not always your friend.

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  1. I would also include trying to write everyday, even if it’s only a paragraph.

    • We definitely agree, James! Adding even 100 words each day to your manuscript keeps you in the story and moves your closer to a complete manuscript.

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