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Google+ Launches Redesign

Earlier this week, Google+ launched a new design template for its social network. 

Google+ has had some ups and downs in its growth. When it launched last year, all the hype was that it would conquer Facebook as the new social network of choice. That hasn’t happened, but it is interesting that following Facebook’s rollout of Timeline across its platform, Google+ has revamped its look and feel.

And it looks and feels a bit more like the old, familiar Facebook in that there’s a main column and sidebars of information. It’s graphics-rich, encouraging you to tell your story through pictures and videos. Google+ also promotes video chats in custom Hangouts you create.

You can get a quick look at the most recent changes via screenshots by Creative Ramblings.

Read Google’s announcement of the changes (available in French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as English).

Create or update your own Profile (you no longer need an invitation from a Google+ user to join).

Google+ now offers Business Pages that allow you to promote and measure analytics. (Note: you need to join Google+ as a person with a Profile, then you can add a Page for your business.)


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