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Looking At The Future of Book Sales

Are you allocating time each week to study news that affects booksellers? 

Indie authors need to move quickly to keep pace with the changing landscape of publishing and retail.  We’ve listed hree sites we find valuable to follow.

1. American Booksellers Association is a valuable resource for events that impact book sales.

Case in point, American Booksellers Association CEO Oren Teicher recently penned a letter to the ABA membership. He touched upon two major items of interest to all writers:

  • Google’s decision to discontinue the Google Ebooks reseller program effective January 31, 2013.  This program allowed independent bookstores to use Google as an ebook wholesaler for their online stores. Now that Google has launched GooglePlay, that will be its only outlet for selling ebooks. Independent bookstores will now need to find other ways to compete against the online giants such as Amazon, iTunes and B&
  • The Department of Justice investigation of possible collusion between Apple and major publishers when Apple launched its agency model of pricing. Teicher’s perspective on Amazon and Apple’s impact on selling books and their impact on independent bookstores is worth reviewing. (Note: the letter was drafted prior to the lawsuit filed by the DOJ.)
2. Dear Author’s Industry News takes this book review site to a whole new level. While the site’s overall focus is mainly romance books and news, this past week included a number of posts regarding the DOJ filing against Apple and five publishers. Of particular note is this thoughtful post explaining the settlement and looking at what happens next.
3. The Business Rusch features author and entrepreneur Kristine Rusch sharing in-depth posts on key industry happenings. She also discussed the DOJ filing this past week, but her perspective was geared toward what this court case will mean for indie authors and the pricing of ebooks. Is it possible that indie ebook prices could possibly rise?

Indie authors should stay apprised of these types of changes in the retail marketplace. Successful entrepreneurs don’t manage their business for today. Instead, they look to the future and what opportunities may open for them.


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