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Curating Extends Your Reach

Curating content allows you to broaden your reach to new readers.

When I hear the term curate, I think of museums that store artifacts for generations. But on the Internet, content curation is becoming more and more widely used. It’s popular because of the time it saves readers.

The verb to curate means to select, organize and look after items in a collection.  Our Author E.M.S. web site and resource library is where we curate all sorts of helpful business, promotion and social media information for authors. Some of our content is original, some are reprints, some are embedded videos, some are links to other sites on the Internet. Instead of authors having to cull pages of Google search results, we’ve selected what we think is the best, most thorough and timely information and put it all on one web site.

Authors of non-fiction books should consider curating information that deals with their book topic. If you write fiction, consider elements of your story that lend themselves to curating broader information, perhaps setting or your main character’s career. You could even curate content as your main character, and share with readers the kinds of things that interest your character. Once you curate content, spread the word or post it via your social media.

Creative Ramblings recently posted 4 Tips To Become a Great Content Curator. The post includes some of the most powerful tools (free!) to locating, gathering and displaying curated content. (View their post for links and more info on each.)

Note: We haven’t used all these resources. You’ll want to read their terms of service to understand the copyright implications of the content you’re gathering. Many curation resources gather the content and the original source information or they simply embed the source information instead of copying it.


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