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Russell Phillips has a great page of Tools for Authors. Use his automated scripts to save time.

Russell Phillips is a U.K. author who writes articles and books about military technology and history. He’s also created our latest favorite page of Tools for Authors.

Can’t figure out how to point people to your book on iTunes via the Internet? Enter your book’s ISBN number on the Find a Book on the Apple iBookstore tool, and you’ll get links to your book on Apple in a number of different countries.

Want one Amazon link for your newsletter that will direct readers to the Amazon site in their country?  Use the Create Apple & Amazon Links for any Country tool.  You’ll get one link back—and note that it’s an affiliate link using Phillips’ affiliate account (he states this up front and that the income helps to support his web page of tools). The cool thing is that it looks like an link, but when I clicked on it, it redirected me back to

There are tools to create Smashwords affiliate links, convert US dollars to British pounds, and a cool tool for readers to add a button to their browser’s bookmark bar that will redirect them from an book page to the corresponding page at  Handy for British readers who receive links from American authors.

Book links are an important part of social networking and author newsletters, so take advantage of this handy, time-saving tool. Be sure to copy the links you generate to a file on your computer where you can easily access them.  And you may want to bookmark the Tools for Authors page for yourself.


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    • That is a heckuva long URL, isn’t it? I’m not sure if there is a way to cut any of those characters and still get to the page you want AND get the affiliate credit. Have you tried using or Tiny URL? At, you create a free account (very easy), then you can put in long URLs like this and kicks back a really short replacement URL. They also keep a history of how many times that URL is clicked. So, if you paste the version onto your web pages, you can check with periodically to get an idea of how many people are clicking. Good to see you!

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