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Adding Videos to Goodreads

Are you maximizing your presence on Goodreads?

Goodreads offers many opportunities for authors to reach new readers. One overlooked method is using video content. If you’re recognized as a Goodreads author or librarian, you can upload videos, such as book trailers, interviews, readings, video blogs and more.

Videos can be embedded if they’re hosted by the following sites:

Goodreads includes step by step instructions. To access, simply log into Goodreads and visit your author profile page. Note: you must be recognized as a Goodreads author (your profile page will say Goodreads author profile in the upper right corner of your bio). From your profile page, scroll down and look in the left column under your profile photo for the Videos section. Click Add New. You may be taken to a page showing all video content you’ve already loaded (which may be blank). Click Add One Now. Instructions will appear on the right sidebar of the Add Video page.

Video is a great way of reaching audiences who are using mobile apps on phones and tablets. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video can make an impact.

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  1. It doesn’t work this didn’t help me that much!!!

    • Melissa–so sorry to hear! Where did you hit the glitch? On the actual upload or before that?

  2. I tried to get my YouTube video on goodreads and I followed the instructions, but this is the message that I keep getting:

    Video is not a valid embed string
    Source is not a valid embed string

    What am I doing wrong?

  3. Donna, as with many things on the Internet, our instructions may be a bit out of date. Here’s what I found on Goodreads regarding using YouTube video. Note that you have to use their OLD style embed code:

    How to Upload a Video
    To upload a video, locate the video you’d like to add on any of the above sites, find the “embed” HTML code, and then copy-paste the HTML code into the box on this page.
    NOTE: On YouTube, you will need to input the “old” embed code for this to work properly. To do so:

    Navigate to the page of the YouTube video you’d like to add.
    Underneath the video, click “share”.
    Click the “Embed” button that appears (underneath the box with the link).
    A box with HTML code should drop down. Make sure that the “use old embed code” checkbox is selected. If it is, the code should begin with “
  4. Thanks for the help – Nailed it.

    The video link in Goodreads is working now

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