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9 Tips to Maximize Your Newspaper is a powerful tool to create an online newspaper or e-zine with content of your choice.

We first introduced you last July to the notion of as a terrific tool to create a daily online newspaper based on tweets or Facebook posts. (See our July post here.)¬† has grown since then, and here’s the latest you should know.

  1. They experienced some technical difficulties that took all newspapers offline for a few days last week. If you already have an account with them, you should login and check all newspapers you’ve created to make sure they’re up-to-date.
  2. now offers an iPhone App. We could not find an Android version yet.
  3. Under your Paper Settings (after you login), you can how often your newspaper compiles a new edition: weekly, daily or morning & evening editions. Consider how much information you’re feeding your newspaper to decide how often you want to update.
  4. You can now add up to 10 different streams of content to any one newspaper. This means you can include individual users on Twitter, Twitter lists, Twitter memes (#), keywords on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, an individual Google+ user and even RSS feeds.
  5. now offers a “bookmarklet” (browser button) that you drag to your bookmark bar. As you surf the Internet, when you find an image or specific article you wish to include in your newspaper, you click the button and tell it what content to add to what newspaper. adds it to your next edition.
  6. does have some technical glitches that have to do with sites built on Ajax scripts. For example, we haven’t yet been successful in embedding a in our WordPress website. This may also make it difficult to pull stories from Facebook pages or from YouTube.
  7. You can embed a widget into your site or blog or a app onto a Facebook Page. (Note: the FB app does not appear to be working. We suspect the new Timeline rollout on FB Pages is the problem. We’ll update this post as necessary.)
  8. You can set-up so it automatically tweets daily about your latest edition.
  9. And…as the editor of your newspaper, you can view your new edition and rearrange or remove articles. This is a powerful way to make sure your content is what you want.

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  1. Sadly, all changes the author makes with bookmarklet or promote article are lost on updating and you can’t stop the updating itself as there’s no ‘do not update’ button. This makes it a bit of a loose cannon!

  2. Sarah, you make a good point. Our Book Review Round-Up updates twice daily, so it’s constantly changing. But you can set-up a to only update once per week. In that case, the bookmarklet might prove useful if you’re pulling select content. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think it’s a serious problem with I’ve got to keep moving the update date back to stop the darned thing updating and wiping out my work. I know others have the same concerns so I hope sorts it out soon. It’s unworkable not knowing what’s going to be in the paper that goes out to followers.

  4. I agree with Sarah. I signed up to thinking I could create a newspaper with the content I wanted, and then be able to manually update it. But this way I have no control over what is put on the paper! I can only edit it afterwards by deleting things manually. And then it happens all over again a week later.
    In Sarah’s words, it’s unworkable.

  5. I am looking for widget for self hosted blog. is there one?

    • Ayesha, try this link on the site:

      Once you create your, there will be a share button on your newspaper page. You’ll have a choice of embed codes. This creates HTML that can be used with the basic Text widget in WordPress. I know that I have the widget embedded on the AEMS site (run by WordPress) but as I recall, I had to do a little tweaking to get it to show up. The above link has another link at the bottom of it with extra instructions in case your JavaScript doesn’t work at first. Best wishes!

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