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Where Did I Leave My To-Do List?

Nudgemail sends reminders directly to your email in-box

Do you have a to-do list, but consistently forget to consult it and therefore miss critical deadlines? If so, you might consider using Nudgemail.

Nudgemail sends reminders directly to your email in-box. Reminders can be set for a specific date and/or time. The reminders work by sending the email in one of two forms: 1. By sending an email in the following format: or or 2. By emailing with “Tuesday,” “tomorrow,” or “Sept 3” in the subject line.

Nudgemail will push an email reminder to you based on your reminder preference and works with all email programs. There is no registration process for this functionality and at the current time, Nudgemail is in beta and free.

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  1. Love it! Will have to check it out. works almost the same way. I’ve used it for years.

    • Oh, Jill – I’ll have to check out that one. Amy has a fabulous time tracking software, but I’ve been searching for the “perfect” free one :).


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