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Understanding Digital Formats

 Authors should be able to help prospective buyers find their way through the maze of digital devices and formats.

EReaders, tablets and smart phones were some of the most popular gifts of this holiday season. Chances are you know someone who has new technology on which to read digital books. New technology always comes with questions and a learning curve.  So, we thought we’d offer a great resource that has straight answers.

Why is it important? If you’re an author of digital books, you should be able to help prospective buyers find their way through the maze of devices and formats. Make it easy for your readers to buy the right version of your book to fit their device or computer.

Dear Author offers two web pages every author should bookmark. You don’t have to own every digital reading device or download all the various softwares and apps. Check out these pages and extend your knowledge.


E Book Format and Device Table explains what digital formats may be read on the various devices that people own.

Comparison Table of EReading Devices offers a chart to help those who perhaps didn’t receive a digital readers and are hoping to find a post-holiday bargain.




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