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How Creative Are You?

Identify not only your strong areas but your weak areas.

As writers, we all like to think of ourselves as highly creative.  But exactly how do you define your creativity?  Now, CREAX offers a free Creativity Self-Assessment.  The “test” takes about ten minutes to complete.

When completed, it offers you a graph showing eight different creative elements and how you scored compares to the average.  By hovering your cursor over the parameter names on this graph, you get more details on each.

For the record, we started to list the eight elements but, frankly, we’re afraid we’ll skew your results if you know what the test is measuring.

This test can tell you a little about the creativity you use for developing stories, but it can also show you the creativity you employ in regards to business.  For example, I scored higher than average on “Complexity,” which was defined as the “ability to carry large quantities of information and be able to manipulate and manage the relationships between such information.”  I recognize this in my stories (large casts, complex plot with subplots) and I thrive in work environments where there are lots of projects and deadlines.

Identify not only your strong areas but your weak areas.  Those could be the areas you will need to pay closer attention to as a business person.

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  1. I admit that I am terrified to take this test.
    but too curious to resist…
    what does that say about me??
    thanks for the info!

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