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Converting PDF to Word Documents

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What happens when you have a PDF and you need to edit it?

Many of us have experienced the ease of typing up a .doc file in MS Word and then saving it to a portable document format (PDF).  This locks the words in place so others can’t edit your text.  Some softwares allow you to highlight and make annotations on a PDF document.  For most of us, that works fine.

But what happens when you have a PDF and you need to edit it?  Say the only copy you have of an old manuscript is a print out.  You can scan it and have a PDF copy on the computer, but you can’t do heavy revisions. And the thought of retyping all those words would have even the bravest of us banging our heads on the desk.

Enter Adobe ExportPDF to the rescue.  For $19.99 per year, you can convert an unlimited number of PDF files into MS Word .docx format all on your web browser.  Be aware, if the PDF file was created by scanning a physical document, Adobe will use optical character recognition (OCR) to read that text to the best of its ability.  Bottom line: you’ll want to proofread.

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  1. Now you can easily turn PDF documents into Word files and edit them, just in two clicks. It can even perform optical character recognition on scanned documents. Try it now!

    • Thanks for swinging by, Kristen. In all fairness, the PDF to DOC Converter PRO site does offer a free option, but it has a 3-page limit and it puts a huge watermark across the document, making it unusable for most authors’ purposes. I’m sure the subscription is great, but it’s $39.99 per year, which is twice what Adobe is charging. Still, we love to know all the options so we can compare!

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