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Copyblogger’s Tips for Better Blogging

Have you ever asked yourself “Why should anyone read my blog?” If not, give it some thought.

If you’re not familiar with Copyblogger, it’s a blog that might be worth adding to your RSS feed so you can catch the articles most relevant to authors. Because Copyblogger is a—you guessed it—blog, they spend time teaching their readers what makes for an effective blog.

One of the first questions they recommend asking yourself is “Why should anyone read my blog?” They answer it well in this post: Their main points are:

  • Be careful of blogging about topics that are maxed out
  • Find a niche people are actually interested in
  • Use your own unique voice and perspective
  • Provide useful information, be an authority on the topic or take time to be very invested in your community

Another Copyblogger excellent post is this one on the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging. A few tips from the post include:

  • Blogging is a gift of service to others
  • Blogging is work
  • Patience is key. Blogs don’t grow overnight
  • Be inspired by others’ blogs, but create your own niche

If you haven’t taken time to look at your author or group blog through these lenses, you might consider doing so. And if you genuinely dislike blogging but are doing it anyway, you may discover your energy is being directed in the wrong place.

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